This system has been in effect for, what, 3 days? All that following stuff is front-loaded, if you think about it. That means there will be a flurry of activity by all authors for the first couple weeks as they get all the regular commenters followed. It's going to be a big effort to get people followed. Then it… » 8/16/14 4:07pm 8/16/14 4:07pm

Scandal is a good example of this, actually. All the creepy ways Jake watches Olivia. All the bugging they do and the hijacking/tracing of various phones. It's all about maybe 5% off the possible, so it slides right by but it's in almost every episode. » 8/13/14 5:12pm 8/13/14 5:12pm

Well, looks like you get to wear the Completely Over the Top Rhetoric Hat on this episode of comment system change grandstanding. Busting out the Mao and Stalin argument for changes like this is pretty time-honored 'round these parts and everyone who does it believes it's the first time and they feel very educated for… » 8/13/14 2:18pm 8/13/14 2:18pm

That's exactly what I think happened. It's a tech resources/priorities issues - but the lack of prioritization speaks volumes. Like, I can't imagine Denton prioritizing something like the mental and emotional wellness of employees. And if the boss doesn't prioritize it, Johnson certainly can't. » 8/12/14 3:45pm 8/12/14 3:45pm

Print on demand for everything is exactly where they'd like to go. This came straight from the guy who is like the writer liaison dude. Argh, what is his name? I'll have to look it up. Anyway, I think it's totally fine that they print on demand so long as all the rights are taken care of correctly. If you think… » 8/09/14 7:40pm 8/09/14 7:40pm

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